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Auxiliar Conservera, S.A. (AUCOSA) was established  in Vigo (SPAIN) in 1959 on the initiative of several companies belonging to the Galician canning industry. We are currently dedicated to three main activities, and all of them are related to the fishing sector. AUCOSA’s workforce consists of 40 professionals bearing a great experience.

1. AUCOSA owns cold-store facilities at Vigo’s harbor, offering freezing services. Moreover, it has a production room in which several processes take place. Our company strictly respects all the quality controls in those processes.

2. AUCOSA markets all kinds of frozen fish, being specialized in purchasing, classifying and freezing fresh fish catched in the North coasts of Spain and Portugal.

3. AUCOSA manufactures in its fish processing premises – located just a few miles away from the harbor - fishmeal and fish oil, which are destined to animal feeding and to aquiculture too. AUCOSA is therefore recovering fishing byproducts, as well as accomplishing some crucial missions regarding environmental matters for its geographical area.

Aucosa, Auxiliar Conservera


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